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February 01, 2021


Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well, staying safe and healthy! We renovate the site, and we're excited for you to test and enjoy it. From changing the technology to UI/UX and adding new features. You'll see a list of changes and new features below, so let's go and enjoy Colorffy!

Btw, if you have a question or want to request a features or something else, don't be afraid and send me a english or spanish DM on Twitter @giangzadev

Also, I recently release my new website, so take a look to my blog

- Gian 👋

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Version 2.7 - January, 2022

  • Color scheme tool updated Update
  • Gradient generator UI changes Update
  • ✨ New contrast checker tool Feature
  • ✨ New color converter tool Feature

Version 2.6 - December, 2021

  • New blog website! Update

Version 2.5 - September - Octuber, 2021

  • ⚡ New website technology (NuxtJs & VueJs) Update
  • Website theme compatibility with system preference UI/UX
  • Home page elements redesign UI/UX
  • Dropdowns menus close when clicking outside UI/UX
  • Better colors results on image color palette tool Feature

Version 2.4.5 - August 20, 2021

  • Added user help guide Feature
  • Heading elements appear in a sequentially-descending order UI/UX
  • Colorffy's colors with more contrast for a better accesibility UI/UX

Version 2.4.4 - July 21, 2021

  • Added new color picker UI/UX
  • ✨ Icons animations on buttons hover UI/UX
  • New dropdown navigation menus for tools and user profile Feature
  • Added UI components preview on gradients Feature
  • Added sidebar with custom color codes on user gradients Feature
  • Fixed the no-scroll problem on the login and register views for mobile devices Fix

Version 2.4.3 - June 03, 2021

  • Icon with respective color on buttons filters UI/UX
  • 📋 Click on palette colors to copy hex UI/UX
  • Added bottom drawer for share gradients and palettes UI/UX
  • ✨ Added Flutter colors Feature
  • Added sidebar with custom color codes for Android and Flutter Feature

Version 2.4.2 - April 12, 2021

  • Download jpeg from image color picker UI/UX
  • Delete your account optionUI/UX
  • 🎉 Sign Up with GitHub! UI/UX
  • Expand fullscreen gradient or palette UI/UX
  • ✨ Gradient generator redesign UI/UX
  • New MixGradients tool Feature
  • Download gradient or palette as image Feature

Version 2.4.1 - March 05, 2021

  • 🌗 Dark mode button on navbar UI/UX
  • Front end improvements UI/UX
  • Added color shades and tints tool Feature
  • Fixed scroll to top on route change Fix

Version 2.4.0 - February 01, 2021

  • 🎉 Join us for free now! UI/UX
  • Sign Up with Google and Twitter UI/UX
  • UI/UX improvements UI/UX
  • 🌗 Better dark mode experience UI/UX
  • ⚡ Faster load times UI/UX
  • Added HSV and Pantone codes on gradients Feature
  • Added HSL, HSV, CMYK and Pantone codes on palettes Feature
  • Gradients generator improvements Feature
  • Added option to save gradients created in the generator Feature
  • Color blindness filters section improvements Feature
  • Added RGB colors on Color picker Feature
  • ⚡ New website technology (VueJs) Update

schedule Coming soon

  • Palettes generator Coming soon

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